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Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance

JK Asset provides Hire Purchase, Leasing Commercial and Professional Loans to assist with the purchase of new or used assets for business use.

What is the best funding facility to use?

This all depends on the particular individual requirement and structure of each individual transaction and client requirements. What suits one client does not always suit the next client!

Arranging specific funding for specific assets can reduce the pressure on cash flow

Why lease equipment?

The simple fact is that leasing is more affordable than a cash purchase because no deposit or up-front payment is required. Also, if you lease your equipment, existing credit lines such as arrangements with the bank remain intact. This gives you the flexibility to use these facilities at a later date to invest capital in other areas of your business, whilst continuing to have the equipment you require.

Leasing also removes the risks of ownership associated with owning depreciating assets and facilitates positive cash flow – vital to any business. Leasing an asset, for example a laptop, means you can fix the cost and make regular payments over a defined period of time. You do not have to account for depreciation of that asset on your balance sheet, and not concern yourself with its disposal at the end of the rental period. And in linking cost to potential benefit you do not have to find a large up front lump sum which then needs to be recouped over a number of years.

Benefits of equipment finance:

  • Payments are 100% tax deductible
  • Decision on your application within a few hours
  • No initial outlay or deposit required
  • Bank facilities unaffected
  • Paying monthly allows the equipment to pay for itself
  • No security required - the equipment is the security

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